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Charmax Facility Management are your Greater Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane based commercial painting experts and we provide complete building painting solutions. While we provide all forms of building painting, we specialise in exterior painting for multi-story and high-rise buildings. Our trained harness painters allows us to access, prepare and paint hard-to-reach areas safely

If your office building or place of work is starting to look dull, then often repainting can breathe new life into your building. Not only does a new paint coat make your building stand out but it will help to improve its market value.

Unlike a lot of commercial painters we take the time to prepare the building and surface properly. Too often we have seen buildings where no preparation work has been completed and the paint job starts to peel or fade. It is for this exact reason that we ensure each surface is prepared properly before we start painting.

If you just need some touch-up painting or only a section of your building painted, then Charmax Facility Management can help too.

Services Included

  • All Exterior Walls

  • Roofing & Gutters

  • Touch-Up Repairs

  • Facade Painting

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Charmax Facility Management is your partner in building maintenance, cleaning and support service. Our experienced team is always on call, and we can provide you with a reliable building services partner in Greater Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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