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While fires aren’t always preventable, you can do your part to ensure they are detected and stopped as soon as possible.

Charmax Facility Management is here to help you protect yourself and your property from the damage fires can do. Choose a detection system today and trust our fire alarm testing and installation services to keep your property safe. We serve Adelaide, Darwin and Alice Springs.

What do detection systems do?

Automatic fire detection systems are essential alarm systems that sound when they detect smoke, heat or gas. This gives occupants time to evacuate the building while automatically notifying the fire service. Detection systems shorten the time between when a fire is detected and when it is put out, which lessens damage and allows more time for everyone to safely exit the building.

Thanks to advanced technology, detection systems do even more now. They can close emergency doors, turn off air circulation systems and alert the fire service directly. You can see the exact location where the fumes were detected so you can determine what the source of the smoke is.


Our experienced team truly excels with respect to ongoing planned maintenance and routine testing of all fire and life safety equipment. We are the local, friendly faces you look forward to welcoming into your world. Our professional, accessible, specially trained technicians will be only too happy to answer all your questions and offer their expertise.

Our teams of trained and experienced staff will ensure that your building’s fire safety needs are met. There is nothing worse than not being able to have faith in installed systems. Building fire safety provisions NEED to work when required – there are no second chances. A detailed, comprehensive and transparent maintenance regime is critical

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